Our history

The first cat came into mum's life when she was four years old. The mother of the little kitten had come to an aunt of her named Helene. The little cat, called Tassen, unfortunately run away the first New Year's Eve. My mum was looking for Tassen the whole New Year's Day. She was never found.

This drawing was made for the memory of Tassen by my mum.

The next cat was Rødhansa. She was born 2 March 1986. Mum initially thought it was a male. After a while she realized that it was a little girl and named her Rødhansa. She didn't then know that there is a cat race named Hansa. The cat was Norwegian forest cat, orange of color.
Rødhansa gave birth to a little orange cat boy15.55May 8, 1992. He lived only two days, and mum called him little Kurre Octavian.
He was not quite like other kittens, probably he had a brain injury. He did not absorb food and was constantly cold. Rødhansa tried to warm him by putting him in bed under the blanketShe carried him up the stairs to the second floor. Rødhansa knew how it might end, and hid her cub behind a box in the closet in the room of the youngest son. Rødhansa showed mum where she had hidden him when mum asked where the kitten was. She found him dead.
In 1993 Rødhansa gave birth again. This time two girls. In the morning  April
19 Buster, later called Lussi, was born. Next morning Nøste appeared. Both were brown and orange. Lussi longhaired and Nøste shorthaired. Lussi was given to Liv and pasted July 28, 2004. No one would have Nøste, so she stayed with mum and the family.

During December 1998 Rødhansa got sick. There was an inflammation of the kidneys, and she was medicated with anitbiotica, but did not recover. The appetite disappeared, and she lost strength. 19.00  January 11, 1999 she went to eternal sleep by the vet. Buried May 8.

Luscy had many kittens, and one of them was Rosina who gave birth to five kittens July 19, 1999. One of them had almost the same look as grandmother Rødhansa. This kitten was me, Sia!

I had twelve wonderful years living with Nøste.
She let me always eat first, we shared shrimps and ice cream. I remember how she sat eating cucumber with her paws in the kitchen. I was impressed!
My grand aunt was always carefully cleaning her fur. I could drill my nose down into her neck and inhale her odor. It was almost like perfume. She smelt so good!
When I was in danger, she always protected my. She was brave, but hated uncontrolled situations.
And she did not trust strangers at all.

Nøste loved the walks in the garden. I miss her so, I will always remember the day she left us this summer 18 years, almost 3 months,  July 18, 2011. A week past - and I was still looking for her each day.


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