lørdag 29. desember 2012

Happy new year!

Hope you all with have a wonderful 2013 with a lot of adventure..... and rest!

lørdag 3. november 2012


Jeg elsker å hoppe og gjemme meg innimellom ekser og poser på loftet. Nå er det storopprydding, og jeg er i mitt ess! Mulig jeg er litt til bryderi for matmor også....

torsdag 6. september 2012

Tasha's teaparty

Mum was preparing a teaparty for two, was I invited?
I had an eye on her pretending I was sleeping....

I have had my tea!! Go back and have my after tea nap...

lørdag 25. august 2012

Still raining

and I am resting in the front of the window, looking out hoping the rain soon will stop! Boring!

mandag 20. august 2012

Resting conditions

One night the double madras, the next the laundry bag again, I find what is the most perfect place for every occasion having my awaited nap!

onsdag 4. juli 2012


In Norwegian cat-wash means a short, simple wash, but I think this term is misleading, because cats are very carefully licking all parts of their body.
Sia found a proper place to have her wash this morning, in the laundry basket!

She took her time and in the end she looked like she had been going round and round in the washing machine. The unsharp photo made the impression even more ridiculous!

torsdag 21. juni 2012

Hiding in the grass

Mum is finally cutting the grass in the garden. I think this is no good idea, because I like to hide in the high grass.

And there are delicious greens all over, good for 'the gastrointestinal tract'!

mandag 11. juni 2012

Lazy days are here again...

I enjoy the sun and do nothing else these days. In other words, nothing to report so far!

onsdag 16. mai 2012

I do it my way....

I have my own way to get into the house. I climb up a large pine tree, jump from one of the branches to the banisters of the porch 3 feet above the ground, prance along the banister and take a short breake and look inside before jumping down on the floor and tilt the hatch up and sneak into the living room.
Mum has shot the photo through the window. 

tirsdag 8. mai 2012

Cat- jammer in the garden

An intruder has strayed into my area - I do not like to have strangers sneaking around the house. What do they want?
It is best to chase them away in case they have sinister intentions ... this one was hard to scare! He stayed long, longer than I could accept!

Eventually, he was sensible and slunk slowly away with his tail between his legs!

Some cats that I know, are welcome to pass my territory, I don' t mind them hanging around. I actually like visitors.

lørdag 14. april 2012

First Summerday morning

Please, do not take a picture of me, I am just woken up, and have sleepy eyes!

A stretch and some cat wash upon the table on the terrace in the morning sun.

mandag 9. april 2012

This is Pusling, Pus in short

She is the cat of Hanne and Mum's son Magnus. She goes with them to Lia, but I stay home.
This Easter Mum's sister which gives me food, complained that I did not eat. That's not true, but I have no appetite when I am alone in the house.
Pus is a ship's cat, the race which have six toes on each paw in order to walk steady on deck when the waves make the ship rock!
And she is heavy, twice my weight, at least!

søndag 25. mars 2012

Full action

Sia do you want to help me take away these cut branches?


Of course, let's start working!

Oh, the branches are moving!!!

This was fun, just like playing!

Well done, Sia!

tirsdag 13. mars 2012



I have not been well these last days. I have threw up and been shaky, not moved fast, rested all day long, and when mum looked for me this morning, I was angry with her waking me up!


tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Let me present

the Polish cat, Toffi, coming by car all the way from Poland to Fredrikstad to stay with his family.
Toffi was found abandoned in the streets by the family Glugla six years ago.
Now he is a strong and cheerful cat enjoying life so far in the livingroom, because in the garden there are a lot of cats which he must challenge to to have his own territory. I think he can gain respect!

He is always on the run and curious about my Mum's Iphone, so there was a problem taking a good portrait of him. 

I think he must have gens of a Norwegian Forest Cat - he has the similar markings as my grand aunt Nøste had.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of domestic cat native to Northern Eurpe, and adapted to a very cold climate, with top coat of glossy, long, water-shedding hairs, and a woolly undercoat for insulation. Although this is uncertain, the breed's ancestors may have been short-haired cats brought to Norway by the Vikings around 1000 AD, and may also have included the long-haired Siberian and Turkish Angora.
During World War II, the breed became nearly extinct until efforts by the Norwegian Forest Cat Club helped the breed by creating an official breeding program.  Currently, the Norwegian Forest Cat is very popular in Norway, Sweden, Iceland and France. 
Source: Wikipedia

And all cat girls be aware, Mister Charming is soon coming out.... smack!

tirsdag 28. februar 2012

Guarding the home

Last week I spent days and nights alone in the house. Mum's sister who is living 'next door', feeds me and gives me fresh water each day when this happens, but I was very happy to see mum and dad coming home on Saturday night.

mandag 13. februar 2012

Greetings on Valentine's Day

I must say, I am not a pet for children any more in an age of 72. I like to have comfort, rest and peace, in other words I like to have full control myself! When Mum had a visitor, eleven years of age, who would like to play with me, I hid behind the sticking plant and stayed there till she had left the house!

I put my eyes on her in order to say, leave me alone!
I know it's Valentine's Day today, so I give my love to all my cat friends in the world of blogs.