onsdag 16. mai 2012

I do it my way....

I have my own way to get into the house. I climb up a large pine tree, jump from one of the branches to the banisters of the porch 3 feet above the ground, prance along the banister and take a short breake and look inside before jumping down on the floor and tilt the hatch up and sneak into the living room.
Mum has shot the photo through the window. 

tirsdag 8. mai 2012

Cat- jammer in the garden

An intruder has strayed into my area - I do not like to have strangers sneaking around the house. What do they want?
It is best to chase them away in case they have sinister intentions ... this one was hard to scare! He stayed long, longer than I could accept!

Eventually, he was sensible and slunk slowly away with his tail between his legs!

Some cats that I know, are welcome to pass my territory, I don' t mind them hanging around. I actually like visitors.