tirsdag 27. desember 2011


Now I'm just relaxing on the table waiting for the boys and their loved ones to come home for dinner. Mum has no time for writing for me, so this must be short.
In the oven there is a huge goose being prepared and the organge sauce is soon finished. We will serve red cabbage stew and steamed Brussels sprouts as well. On the top mint: jelly, apple fruit jelly and lots of sweet goodies!
For dessert there will be 'kranske'cake and brittle ice. Later on, in the evening, coffee and Christmas fruitcake and marzipan candy. I look forward to a delicious meal in some hours.
But still glad Christmas is only once a year!


Finally like good old days, I love it!

tirsdag 20. desember 2011

Christmas decorations

Within two days mum will pick up things from the Christmas chest of drawers and decorate our home.

This picture is from last year. Mum puts the bowls which can not be broken, far down on the tree, so I can play with them!

Friday afternoon I was locked up in the neighbor's garage for more than six hours. Mum missed me and looked for me all over the house,. Late in the evening she went out calling for me ... then she heard my mjau coming from the garage you see below. She rang the neighbor's doorbell, and he came out and opened up the swingdoor.
Mum said I run out fast like an 'oiled lightning' as we say in Norway! I was so happy not spending the whole night in a cold, dark room with a car. Last summer I had a day spent in their attic. Twice happy endings. 

Another time a was locked up in the basement in the house just across the road. I am too adventurous and curious... you see!

mandag 12. desember 2011

Climbing, my favorite sport

Last week Au, Target and/or Guido had exercises on what in Norway is called tredemølle.
I prefer climbing in trees outdoor. This is one of my ways from the ground up to the veranda. The other I must jump from a pine branch high up. The branch is swinging up and down long after the jump. I end gracefully with a thud on the railing if I can say so! It requires precision like an acrobat.

tirsdag 6. desember 2011

I love newspapers


I love newspapers... they have  - what I call a multipurpose. You can sleep on them, make your defecate on them, hide in them and of course, read them and be informed (and mum makes gardenwalls of themmore pictures)!
News from the paper Demokraten Saturday December 5th:
In more than one third of Norwegian homes there are at least one cat. On average, each cat owner has two cats or more correctly two cats share their homes with a family (mum). There are now 749000 cats in Norway. 100000 more than ten years ago. One of the reasons for the increase may be that cats are living longer than before. Now, cats often live for twenty years.