tirsdag 31. januar 2012

Cat from Poland


Mum will have a family from Poland living in the house of her childhood, and they have a cat which is still in Poland. But Mum said it is OK for her that the family brings the cat to Norway and let the cat take control over the house. And Mum said  - I don't remember the Polish cat's name, that the cat could be the tenant!
I wonder if she really ment what she said....
There will be spring when the cat has ended the quarantine, I think!

tirsdag 24. januar 2012

I love to hide

When my mum goes to the room on first floor where she stores different things, I love to sneak  inside and experience the smell, the narrow spaces between bags, boxes, fabrics, furniture, textiles, mattresses plants and stacks of books. It is dark and cold upstairs, and she likes to have the doors closed, therefore she doesn't like me to stay there.

When she call and saying Sia come here, I won't listen, I hide! But after a while I get bored, and I creep out from the hiding place and run down the stairs.

mandag 16. januar 2012

And I love shrimps

When Nøste lived, we had a ration of two shrimp each divided up into small pieces, because my grand aunt could not bear shrimps. They just came up again! Now I have four shrimps on my own...


I sit patiently by my dad's feet, waiting to be served even though I could easily snatch some from newspaper on which the shrimps are thawing by the fireplace, but I'm disciplined and wait for my time!


May I have the shrimp?

Thank you!

tirsdag 10. januar 2012

Mum still busy...

She will be occupied with her job and own stuff for a long time to come, so I have to sit here on the window sill and look out into the darkness and make funny faces pressing my nose to the window and scare people passing by !

There is nothing sensible to do, except to sleep, but right now I'm not tired and don't like to go outside and put my paws in the wet snow!


søndag 1. januar 2012

Happy New Year?

Here I'm checking out the good hiding places for New Years Evening in case it would be so much noise from the fireworks that it will be necessary to hide... Mum turned startled when she fetched the laundry for washing, because I lay in the midst of the basket among the used towels and tablecloths.What if I had ended up in the washing machine with the dirty laundry!
For information, I chose the closet in the hallway to hide! 
Anyway I wish all my friends A Happy New Year!

Oh, snow.... I love snow, let me out!

Huff, this snow is wet! No snow to play and have fun in... as I remember from good old days.

From the album 2001!