tirsdag 29. november 2011

It's being windy outside

The storm called Berit has visited the coast, and I like to stay indoor listen to the wind blows round the corner of the house. I was almost taken by the wind when I had my morning walk!

I miss my grand aunt Nøste. We did not often rest side by side on the lap of dad, but it happened occasionally as here shown in this picture!

My favorite place to rest and sleep for the moment is under the old small cabinet that mum never seem to finish decorating. I wonder how many years will pass before I can say: job's ended.
She has more than six blogs to run... there's no more time painting funiture! I wish I could help her.
My tale could be a great paintbrush.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Sia, don't use your lovely tail as a paint brush, you wouldn't be able to do a thing with it afterwards.
    Jetikins flops on mama's leg the way you do on your dad's, but he sticks his claws in cos he's afraid of sliding off, mama calls them his 'pitons' cos she says he thinks he's mountaineering. Rappy

  2. Sia, what a lovely cat you are!

  3. Hi Sia !
    That Berit came and visited us on the westcoast of Sweden too , I´m glad she didn´t stick around so long :)

  4. Hi Sia,
    We're glad you didn't get blown away in the big storm! Stay inside where it's cozy! We like your new resting place! Stay safe!
    Buter, Rudy, Sam and Cindy

  5. I'm glad you didn't get blown away by the storm, you do look so cosy in your blanket. I don't think using your tail as a paintbrush is a good idea, what if you ended up stuck to the furniture? Have a great week xx

  6. If you want to nap and paint, come on over, Sia! We'd love to have you.

  7. Aaaw! Little Sia...adorable!
    I look forward to reading more about this little yellow beauty:-))))