mandag 13. februar 2012

Greetings on Valentine's Day

I must say, I am not a pet for children any more in an age of 72. I like to have comfort, rest and peace, in other words I like to have full control myself! When Mum had a visitor, eleven years of age, who would like to play with me, I hid behind the sticking plant and stayed there till she had left the house!

I put my eyes on her in order to say, leave me alone!
I know it's Valentine's Day today, so I give my love to all my cat friends in the world of blogs.

3 kommentarer:

  1. We'd be honoured to pet you! Have a lovely day, Sia and hope you get lots of treats...

  2. mini humans are such a nuisance for you cats and the worst once are when they start crawling ! From my cats only Arthur doesn't bother about mini humans, all the others run away and hide like you !

  3. Little sticky beans can be a problem. Usually, we just hide if someone we don't know is trying to pet or bother us.