tirsdag 31. januar 2012

Cat from Poland


Mum will have a family from Poland living in the house of her childhood, and they have a cat which is still in Poland. But Mum said it is OK for her that the family brings the cat to Norway and let the cat take control over the house. And Mum said  - I don't remember the Polish cat's name, that the cat could be the tenant!
I wonder if she really ment what she said....
There will be spring when the cat has ended the quarantine, I think!

2 kommentarer:

  1. But think what fun! How do you say MEOW in Polish?

  2. Well, this is very interesting, Sia! Is this cat a man-cat or girl-cat? We hope you become friends with this cat from Poland! come visit us - we have special Valentine Day blog post!
    Buster, Rudy, Sam (and Cindy!)