tirsdag 27. desember 2011


Now I'm just relaxing on the table waiting for the boys and their loved ones to come home for dinner. Mum has no time for writing for me, so this must be short.
In the oven there is a huge goose being prepared and the organge sauce is soon finished. We will serve red cabbage stew and steamed Brussels sprouts as well. On the top mint: jelly, apple fruit jelly and lots of sweet goodies!
For dessert there will be 'kranske'cake and brittle ice. Later on, in the evening, coffee and Christmas fruitcake and marzipan candy. I look forward to a delicious meal in some hours.
But still glad Christmas is only once a year!


Finally like good old days, I love it!

4 kommentarer:

  1. You're gorgeous! What a feast you all were preparing. Sounds wonderful!

  2. O how beautiful are you! I am sure you are very spoilt! The first photo is the very cutest!

  3. Goose and kranse taart? Oh my cod, it's just like Holland! I miss that sort of food....

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Sia !
    Me too think it´s quiet and nice now when catmas is over :)