mandag 12. desember 2011

Climbing, my favorite sport

Last week Au, Target and/or Guido had exercises on what in Norway is called tredemølle.
I prefer climbing in trees outdoor. This is one of my ways from the ground up to the veranda. The other I must jump from a pine branch high up. The branch is swinging up and down long after the jump. I end gracefully with a thud on the railing if I can say so! It requires precision like an acrobat.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Well, you are much more active than we are on our treadmill. We shall have a look and see if we can climb the ferns. And we'll try and look as graceful as you!

  2. Hello Sia,
    We like to climb trees, too! Very cute picture of you peeking through the leaves! Meow!!
    Buster, Sam, Rudy (and Cindy)

  3. Ååå, så søt!!
    Ps. Du har jo så mange blogger, så jeg vet ikke helt hvilken som er "hovedbloggen"? :o