tirsdag 20. desember 2011

Christmas decorations

Within two days mum will pick up things from the Christmas chest of drawers and decorate our home.

This picture is from last year. Mum puts the bowls which can not be broken, far down on the tree, so I can play with them!

Friday afternoon I was locked up in the neighbor's garage for more than six hours. Mum missed me and looked for me all over the house,. Late in the evening she went out calling for me ... then she heard my mjau coming from the garage you see below. She rang the neighbor's doorbell, and he came out and opened up the swingdoor.
Mum said I run out fast like an 'oiled lightning' as we say in Norway! I was so happy not spending the whole night in a cold, dark room with a car. Last summer I had a day spent in their attic. Twice happy endings. 

Another time a was locked up in the basement in the house just across the road. I am too adventurous and curious... you see!

2 kommentarer:

  1. OMC! So glad you're ok. So scary being locked up in someone else's house...

  2. You are exactly like Arthur ! He also was locked in in basements and garages of the neighbors, but the worst thing is, he loves to climb in cars when the door or trunk is open, so each time when we have workers in the street I have to ask them to check their car before they leave, not to take my Arthur along ! lol !