tirsdag 10. januar 2012

Mum still busy...

She will be occupied with her job and own stuff for a long time to come, so I have to sit here on the window sill and look out into the darkness and make funny faces pressing my nose to the window and scare people passing by !

There is nothing sensible to do, except to sleep, but right now I'm not tired and don't like to go outside and put my paws in the wet snow!


4 kommentarer:

  1. I know all about busy humans too = BORING !!!
    Here is no snow to put your paws in :(

  2. What a pretty kitty!! (sorry...your not very scary at all:) )

  3. You are absolutely right ! with this winter weather there is nothing else to do. My cats do 24 h sleeping marathons !

  4. Scare people? No way! We'd come over to pet you...