mandag 16. januar 2012

And I love shrimps

When Nøste lived, we had a ration of two shrimp each divided up into small pieces, because my grand aunt could not bear shrimps. They just came up again! Now I have four shrimps on my own...


I sit patiently by my dad's feet, waiting to be served even though I could easily snatch some from newspaper on which the shrimps are thawing by the fireplace, but I'm disciplined and wait for my time!


May I have the shrimp?

Thank you!

2 kommentarer:

  1. so lucky to have fresh shrimps!! Yummy! Happy Cats on Tuesday!
    Buster, Rudy, Sam (and Cindy)

  2. Aww, you are so sweet -- such wonderful manners you have too! I'm glad that your Dad shares the shrimp with you :-)

    Not all of our kitties like shrimp -- I know Giblet the Kitten does but he doesn't have nearly the manners you do!

    Visiting from Cats on Tuesday

    The Furballs
    Bonkers in Barnhart